Corsicana, the county seat of Navarro, is an historically rich, innovative and safe city that offers businesses and residents a true quality of life in a prime location in North-Central Texas.

Centrally located at the crossroads of Interstate 45, U.S. Hwy 287 and State Hwy 31, Corsicana provides easy access to all the major markets in Texas including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Houston and Waco. The Interstate 45 corridor is home to major brand distribution centers because of its central location for trucking and rail use. Only 50 miles from downtown Dallas, Corsicana has a moderate climate year-round with rain fairly evenly distributed. Agriculture and farming co-exist with diverse manufacturers throughout the county.

A 2016 Forbes Magazine article titled “America’s Next Boom Towns” shows Austin, Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth and San Antonio with double digit job growth from 2010 to 2014, well above the national average of 8.1%.  Corsicana’s central location of two industrial parks – 2 hours north of Houston, one hour south of Dallas provides ample land for affordable development while utilizing big city resources.

“Provides ample land for affordable development”

“Easy access to all the major markets in Texas”

Corsicana is a growing city of Texans, both multi-generations and newcomers who got here as fast as they could, all engaged in a variety of work and recreation that creates a small town feeling with surprising and engaging services and programs.

“Newcomers who got here as fast as they could”

“Five regional campuses choosing from 99 degree programs”

The vibrant economy of Texas blended with an affordable small city provides outstanding opportunities for companies and their employees.  Navarro College has more than 9,200 undergraduates on five regional campuses choosing from 99 degree programs, and an extension program with Texas A&M University.  The top declared majors in 2018 were Business, Education, Nursing, Welding and General Studies.

Location of many Texas firsts

Corsicana is the location of many Texas firsts:  the first oil discovery west of the Mississippi, the home of the world-famous DeLuxe Fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery, and the first serving of Wolf Brand Chili.  Its first business, Oil City Iron Works, today a global ductile and gray iron foundry, was started in 1866 to make parts for the owner’s cotton gin.

“Oil was discovered by accident”

Corsicana was a typical post-Civil War cotton town when oil was discovered by accident only blocks from the town’s business district in 1894.  Before the decade end, 500 oil wells were operating within the city limits and producing 800,000 barrels of crude annually, making Corsicana the site of the first commercial oil field in Texas.  The first oil refinery in the state was built in Corsicana in 1897.  The Magnolia Oil Company was founded in Corsicana in 1911.  Today it is known as the Mobil Corporation.

Downtown Corsicana was designated an official Texas Main Street City in 1985.  Original brick streets blend with shopping, dining, creative arts and entertainment, and loft apartment living, all revitalized through the use of historic preservation and economic development strategies.

“Historic preservation and economic development strategies”